Student Spotlight

I am from the small, western town of Dalton, Nebraska. As a senior in high school, all it took was one campus visit to know that UNK was my home away from home. I appreciate the central location, allowing me to be close to home. UNK offers a wide array of programs, allowing me to learn Spanish and have multiple study abroad opportunities. The best part is that all of this variety is offered at an affordable cost! One of the biggest reasons I chose to study business at UNK is because of the highly accredited College of Business & Technology. I knew I would be receiving an above-average education from UNK. Every semester I can feel my wealth of knowledge deepen without ‘breaking the bank.’

UNK is a big part of the Kearney community and Nebraska, and receives great support from local and statewide institutions. This support allowed me to receive one of my biggest scholarships, The Cabela’s UNK Scholarship. My ultimate dream is to travel, I believe that life is too short to not be able to see the wide planet we live on. I am attempting to include this passion into my studies and manifest this into a potential career path that will allow me to travel the world. With my two minors in international business and Spanish, will study abroad and intern abroad.

I have been given a great opportunity from UNK to incorporate travel into my studies and create broad and new opportunities to expand my learning on a multinational level. I had plan
ned to study abroad in Costa Rica this past summer, but COVID-19 changed that plan. However, I am hopeful I will be able to again soon with how well everyone at UNK has handled the ongoing pandemic. 


To this day, I am still so pleased with my decision to study at UNK.