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In 2000, the UNK Alumni Association established The Gold Torch Society, a mentoring program for UNK alumni women and undergraduate women. Since then, alumnae have returned annually to campus to mentor and network with the selected 25 undergraduate women, resulting in many personal and professional relationships.

Student applications are available each spring for the following fall. Those accepted into the program will share a weekend in the fall with top UNK alumnae women – including teachers, doctors, business owners, CFO’s, accountants, public relations directors and many more exceptional women in various fields. The Gold Torch Society is a valuable opportunity for UNK undergraduate women to gain real-world perspectives and network with a great group of amazing alumni. This year’s Gold Torch Society weekend will be be held in November at the UNK Alumni House in Kearney.

For those of you who are UNK alumnae, it is a great opportunity to get back on campus and get involved with your alma mater. Maintaining and building alumni relations before and after graduation will assist us in making this a strong university.

To refer a student or to become a potential mentor, contact:
Shonna Hill
(308) 698-5283

Women's mentoring society where UNK Alumni mentor women undergrads.
Women's mentoring society where UNK Alumni mentor women undergrads.

Now Accepting Student Applications:

Apply today to become one of 25 student members of the Gold Torch Society.

Download and complete The Gold Torch Society Student Application 2021, and submit it Shonna Hill at

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Learn more about the women’s mentoring program that has been on campus for more than 18 years.

This one-of-a-kind program offers a unique view and connection into a successful alumni’s world of work.