Loper Fight Song

Come on and fight for U N K
March on to victory all the way,
keep up your fighting spirit
We’ll always cheer it,
that’s what we’re here for,
That’s what we’ll cheer for.
Fight for the Blue and Gold,
Cheer for the Blue and the Gold,
and together we stand proud of the best in the land
we fight for U N K!

KEARNEY Go Lopers!

K-E-A-R-N-E, K-E-A-R-N-E, K-E-A-R-N-E-Y!

Alma Mater

Afar in the West where the green valleys run
And the sweeping hills dip to the plains,
Rise the gray, storied walls of the home that we love
Alma Mater, we hail thee again

‘Neath thy shade we have gazed over valley and plain
On the sense that enraptures the eye;
And our hearts thrill with pride as the Blue and the Gold
Proudly floats ‘gainst the evening sky.

Loper Color Song The Blue and the Gold

On to victory, Blue and the Gold,
Fight for UNK
Win the battles, leading the charge
Marching to conquer all the way

Raise the banner, shouting out loud
NU at Kearney’s here to stay,
Fight, fight Lopers, Triumph every day,
We’re proud to be the Lopers from UNK

UNK Pride of the Plains Marching Band at Band Day 2018
UNK Pride of the Plains Marching Band at Band Day 2018